Friday, April 10, 2015

Kellogg Park Project

For those of you who haven't heard, a new park on Kellogg Street in Ventura has been planned and in the process of becoming a reality since 2013.  In recent developments the City of Ventura’s Kellogg Park development project was awarded $1M from the State of California’s Strategic Growth Council's Urban Greening Grants.  This is huge news as it is one of the largest amounts granted.  Kellogg Park will be located on the west side of Ventura between Kellogg Street, North Ventura Avenue, East Barnett Street and Cameron Street and is in the process of converting its 2.5 acres of land into a beautiful community park. 

The rest of the funds needed to complete this project will be achieved through donations and fundraisers. 

To donate to the Kellogg Park Project click HERE

For more information about the Kellogg Park Project, contact Elena Brokaw at or 805/658-4731 or Nancy O’Connor at or 805/658-4738